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13 apr. 2024 - Neigong Foundations

Neigong Foundations

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April 2024, 09.30-17.00 hrs
Background on Nei Gong:
Nei Gong, or "internal skill," is a Chinese practice of inner cultivation with roots in Daoism and alchemical training. It's a systematic method aimed at optimizing the functioning of the "three bodies of man" (physical, energetic, and mental) through a step-by-step process that begins with the physical body to prepare it for energetic practices. The practice focuses on developing the lower Dan Tian, a central energy storage area, to rejuvenate the body's energy and make it vibrant and active. This development allows for the harmonious flow of Qi (energy) throughout the body. 

Overview of the Course:
This is foundations course which will cover body opening, the principles of standing in Wuji, Dan Tian development, and Ji Ben Gong based on the syllabus of the Lotus Nei Gong International School (  
Spaces are limited. For further information please email
Instructor bios:
Kulsoom and Avinash began their training with Lotus Nei Gong in 2013. They completed the 2.5 year Qigong Teacher training course in 2017 and have continued their studies with Damo Mitchell and Paul Mitchell in the U.S., Europe, and the U.K.
Kulsoom is a certified Chinese Medicine practitioner and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in the field.  Her interest in the Chinese martial arts led her to Lotus Nei Gong.  Avinash is an Engineer by trade with a deep interest in spirituality and self-mastery, which led him to Lotus Nei Gong. The couple‚Äôs personal studies include Nei Gong, Yang style taijiquan, and sitting practices. They are extremely grateful to the tutelage and guidance of Damo Mitchell and Paul Mitchell on this path.

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